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The Journey: Inspired for Life

After 20 years in the UK, spent in senior roles within the corporate communications industry, a life changing event occurred whilst visiting Egypt 10 years ago. When walking outside the temple of Queen Nefertari at Abu Simbel, a voice in my head as loud as if they stood right behind me - stated

“I have brought you home!"


Thus a truly amazing journey began. Continually researching and meeting numerous academics with scientific proof, it confirmed that there was another energy dimension to the world in which I had been taught.


In 2007 I was drawn to Cyprus and here discovered that in 2003 amazing research had been completed – The Discovery of Atlantis, The Startling Case for The Island of Cyprus. The Journey continued every single day, with the honour of meeting and studying with people who have amazing gifts (many of which a great many of us believe are impossible) from alternative healing therapies; telepathy; premonitions to nutrition and physical health.


2009 whilst sat on a mountain top overlooking the Mediterranean, three words came to me – “Inspired for Life” – my destiny……


2010, drawn to Canada I was introduced to the most advanced biofeedback technology in the world, Certified in Europe as a Medical Diagnostic Tool, in real time it displays how the Mind and Emotions affect our physical body daily, so the time had arrived for me to share all the knowledge I had gained. The convergence of my interests in communication, a passionate interest in the well-being of people and their health had begun.


2012 returned to Europe and after two years on the beautiful island of Mallorca, I finally returned to the UK,  where I offered mind-body and stress consultations using the Biopulsar Reflexograph® holistic biofeedback system. Wellness coaching is an essential part of the mind-body consultation provided. I am a holistic intuitive who was born in the UK.

2017 drawn back to Ontario, Canada as a volunteer for the 50+ centre and lectured each week on the different effects of the mind and the environment on the body


Together with friends and family, people are gathering together with a common belief: to endeavour to show the world how mind and body wellness is an individual responsibility, rather than just a function of what our GP can do to make us better.


Come with me on this incredible journey …….

Ursula Dowd

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