The Biopulsar Reflexograph

Biopulsar Reflexograph: Measures the exact energy vitality in your organs and brain and shows how, by shifting your emotional focus it will impact your health.

The Biopulsar Reflexograph


It is a holistic biofeedback system that gives scientific information and interpretation for the bio-energetic fields of the 51 organ zones, the full body electromagnetic field and seven major energy centers (chakras) in real time.


This device reveal the role of the client's psychology in their health condition and provides a detailed, colour-coded analysis.


This is the first biofeedback imaging technology that duplicates the full body color aura of the human energy field utilizing the information from more than 140 measuring stations on the system's hand plate.


The system then displays the vitality of 51 body parts, including 8 brain parameters. Illustrated on-screen formats include organ graphs, a colour analysis of the reflex zones, full and half body bio-field pictures, and chakra analysis.


The Biopulsar Reflexograph® is a highly sensitive, certified biomedical measuring device from Germany.

How is a measurement obtained?


The Biopulsar-Reflexograph® hand sensor unit measures the activity of each reflexology zone (body organ) of the client's hand. The sensor electrodes gather the biofeedback data, which is subsequently processed and translated into the computer program. It then measures all biofeedback parameters from the hand's reflex points and simultaneously projects the bio-energetic information on a computer interface.


It only takes a few minutes to acquire an accurate bioenergy scan from the reflex zones, which makes it ideal for organ, chakra and biofield response comparison when testing products or therapies. Information can be recorded and reviewed. Once the computer screen is frozen, the practitioner may be able to switch format modes to access the various organ, colour energetic or chakra information

About The Chakras

The main seven chakras: ("wheels of light" in Sanskrit) are invisible vortices of energylocated within the body. Each chakra is associated with a particular gland, organ and level of consciousness.



SIXTH CHAKRA (brow /third eye)






THIRD CHAKRA (solar plexus)




FIRST CHAKRA (root chakra)

Many People ask me....


What is a Chakra or how do I clear my Chakras.


This is taken from a children's TV show and is one of the best and most simplistic explanations I have ever seen - I had an AHA moment!


Even if you fully understand the Chakras - Watch this - It should be taught in every school!!

How is a measurement obtained?


The Biopulsar Reflexograph® biofeedback systems measure the activity of the chakras, and the client may be aware of under-activity or over-activity in one or more of the reflex zones. The optimum level of performance is in the 55-65 percentile, which reflects strong chakra power and a good flow of energy. The chakra percentage is the collective activity of all the organs and glands that are governed by or connected to that energy centre. For example, the root chakra is connected to the adrenal glands, reproductive organs, spine, hips, bladder, legs, knees and feet. The total chakra activity levels range in a value from 0-100. The lower side of average is shown at the 50% range. Optimum energy ranges in value from 60-65%. A total value less than 45% indicates a lack of energy in that chakra area whereas a value over 70% indicates overactivity. Since the Biopulsar-Reflexograph® analyzes 51 reflex zones, an accurate chakra value can be formulated (no other system on the market can match the Biopulsar’s chakra analysis precision).

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