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Living the dream, Belize at 60

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

I was determined to celebrate my 60th by doing something completely different. One item on my bucket list was to explore the ancient Mayan temples, which lead me to Belize in the Caribbean.

I would like to share my 60th birthday with you - Life has just began!

Began the day in San Pedro, on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize at one of the world’s tiniest airports where I took a flight of just 15 minutes to Orange Walk in the centre of the jungle

We landed on a remote airstrip built by John McAfee where we were met by our guide for the day

Whilst on the 20 minute transfer we passed a huge convoy of parked trucks, each one full of sugar cane, and apparently, they can be waiting for up to 3 days to enter the manufacturing plant. It takes about a day for 15 men to harvest the crop to fill one truck!

The Boat

Our boat, for the 25 mile journey down river into the jungle. Stunning raw beauty and luckily for us, no crocodiles were out playing that day! But we did see Iguana’s, snakes and many varieties of birds

After about an hour later we arrived at our docking for the Temples of Lamanai

As we docked we were greeted by a group of Howling Monkeys- and oh do they howl!

Served a lovely local lunch of Belizean Chicken stew and rice under the canopy 😊 Oh was it hot and humid!

The Tour

The tour through the site began. Only 5% of the site has been excavated to date. Thus began a 2 mile hike around the temples but such beauty everywhere…

Name of this plant – Horse’s balls 😊 Which are grown for their glue

Very sticky…

Then we came upon the first temple – The Mask Temple and it takes your breath away – and apart from our group of 6 – no other people!

Unbelievable that you are allowed to climb on these amazing buildings.

I had an incredible sense of sadness whilst on this site. The guide informed me that many sensitives feel the same kind of emotions – This was the temple of sacrifices

Every Temple has the Ying /yang sign engraved – about 1ft in diameter

Our hike continued...

Unfortunately no one is permitted to climb the central staircase any longer due to a tourist accident. But they have built a wooden staircase to the rear to allow you to explore and experience the magnificence

Without doubt this location should be on everyone’s bucket list!

Pure raw beauty! There are no words that can truly explain the emotions experienced on this day.

A boat trip and flight back created a 60th birthday that will truly never be forgotten and maybe inspire you to take that long awaited adventure

Its been a joy to share and re-evoke the emotions of the day


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Martina Libby
Martina Libby
May 01, 2019

Before I read your comment about the Mask temple .... I felt a sadness in my heart. Thank you for sharing! Looks like 60 rocks! :)


Ursula this was absolutely amazing to see & experience your trip thru your eyes. This has been on our bucket list for some time now. Can't wait to go there as well.

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