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WATER IS LIFE! Mission for Better Health ...

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

A Very Happy New Year - Hello 2020😊

After teaching various courses over the past year and seen so many incredible results with improved health just by changing and consuming more water, I decided it time to reach out and hopefully answer some of your questions

We are all aware that WATER IS LIFE - True? How many of the following apply to you...Constantly tired; Headaches; Acid Reflux? But have you ever considered your body is just crying out for high-quality water? This is my passion!

If I told you that the water sources we have, are not necessarily the right ones, as they either have toxic contaminants or it is just dead water with no minerals.

What would be the alternative?

Pi water, the "Water of Life" (alkaline water) was discovered more than 30 years ago in Asia, during research on plant growth cycles. Pi Water is known as the water that enhances living energy. It is well known, especially in Japan. According to the book, “Origin and Future of Science,” Pi Water enhances energy in the body, improves the condition of incurable and chronic diseases, grows plants faster and healthier, and keeps food fresh longer.

Thank you very much for your contribution to save the planet, take control of the prevention of human health and stop absorbing toxins harmful to our body!

Our partner Nikken, a Japanese company established in 1975, has launched the PiMag Environment Pack with the objective of offering unique alkaline water that supports the environment.

The PiMag technology incorporated in Nikken's filtration system allows you to have PiMag water at all times! Corrosion-protected magnets provide a magnetic field surrounding the direction of flow. The Pi material provides natural minerals to increase the alkalinity of the water to balance the pH.

The PiMag Waterfall® works without electricity or plumbing and lets you enjoy clean, filtered, PiMag® water.

What is The PiMag Waterfall Filtration System

Hike; Bike or Run - PiMag Water On The Go. Same Filtration system in a little bottle :)

MicroJet PiMag shower system - So we don't like drinking chlorinated water, but as the skin absorbs everything it comes into contact with - have you considered how much your skin absorbs every time you take a shower?

Here is a video to better understand how and why magnetism is so important in contact with the body. Imagine the impact on our health in the long term, because the key is in the regularity of our habits!

You can refer to my website to read a little more about the technologies.

PS: Do you know someone who has sore feet, tired legs, back pain or other health ailments? Watch this short video about a technology that could greatly improve their quality of life:

Thank you for sharing and helping us launch the #inspiredforlife movement to enable people to achieve a healthy balanced life!

For more information, contact Ursula!

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