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Why you must have a food intolerance test!

Perhaps this will help you decide, as I lost 7lbs / 3.2kg in one week! This was one of the most life-changing decisions I have ever made and if writing this helps just one person then that will be amazing

I speak from a recent experience and confirmed to me, what you eat affects every cell of your body and thought. Suffering from depression, anxiety, brain fog, and worse, putting on weight and a stomach that you could have mistaken for being nine months pregnant! (Not possible at 62!) I decided the first step was a food intolerance test

I have been intolerant to dairy and eggs for about 7 years, so I decided to go and check to see if there was anything else that I was missing (or adding that I shouldn’t).

16th December I had an appointment to find out my results – Shock didn’t even come close! I was not prepared…

Cow’s Milk; Eggs (to be expected)… then Pea; Barley; Pistachios; Yeast; Gliadin (Glutin); Goats Milk; Barley; Corn; Wheat and Cashews

I stood in shock – What on earth was I going to eat and NO wine or Beer (yeast)! – My world ended - and right before Christmas! ☹

I went home and decided to clear everything that I could no longer eat (pretty much the whole cupboard)!

I love salads and plant-based foods so that’s how I started. All alcohol stopped - The first two days were hard – constantly hungry and the cravings – arhhhh. But then it was like the sun came out, no more hunger pains, the energy levels started to climb – WOW my mind cleared of the overwhelming fog, AND I have lived with an autoimmune since I was 21 – similar to arthritis – the pain in my back and legs stopped!!!!

If all that was not enough.. the weight started to fall off – In the first week, I lost 7lbs or 3.2kg!!! And I felt fantastic! No more bloated stomach either. 6 weeks further on and I have lost another 10lbs and I FEEL FANTASTIC!!

When I started this I also started running but after just one minute I was out of breath and the body was hurting. Yesterday I ran for 8.5km and then walked another 10km. My body was fully recovered today – That would never have happened 3 months ago! If I can do it so can you!

Take just one step today - Here’s to a fantastic 2021 – I am so excited xxx

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