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Are You Sick or Just Thirsty?

Recently we ran a class (nearly 60 people) to explore the impact of water on the body over a period of one week, both increasing the quantities drank and different types of water and the results were unbelievable! Without exception headaches gone, heartburn gone, increase in energy, COPD breathing improved, arthritis improved, Fibromyalgia and MS symptoms improved – we were all blown away! Beyond expectations!

Dehydration: Background

Using a feedback tool, nearly 95% of clients that I see have some level of dehydration – as in the image below. Vast areas are grey due to the fact the skin goes hard when dehydrated and the electrodes cannot pick up a signal from the skin.

But after washing the hands (1 minute) in Alkaline water I could always obtain an analysis 😊 So it made me start to ask questions – why and how could the body absorb high quality water

Water is not just a beverage choice, it is an essential nutrient. We can live for months even decades without many other nutrients, but only a few days without water so why is it most people do not drink the recommended minimum of 2ltrs per day. Try filling up a container with 2ltrs in the morning and you will realize how much that actually is!

Water – a living substance, the most common and least understood. Water retains memory and conveys information to DNA, so the source remains as an imprint in the body..

Is Your Water Acid or Alkaline?

Types of Water:

Which one do you use? Tap / City ; Well; Bottled; Reverse Osmosis; Brita & Zero Filters; Pi-Mag Alkaline Water. Everyone from the class bought in a sample of their own water to test the pH, the chlorine levels and how the body using muscle testing reacted (positively or negatively) and we were amazed.


Tap/ City water – The chlorine levels depended on the proximity to the water plant. High close by and dropped as the distance increased from the plant. The body’s energy dropped dramatically when drinking the tap water

Brita / Zero filters: probably the most shocking! By law water from the tap, has to be 7.2 on the pH scale. When passed through either of these filters it became 3-4 on the pH scale – ie Acid!

Reverse Osmosis – Takes absolutely everything out of the water and again the water became 3-4 – acid!

Bottled: Tended to be 7.2 but with little or no nutrients.

Well Water; This totally depended on the location – some were good, some the body didn’t like. One well water was close to the roadside and became saturated in road side salt – Not a pleasant experience!

Pi-Mag Water by Nikken. Without exception the body became strong to the quality of filtration; mineral enhancement and alkalinity. Check out some cool features

After just 1 week these were the results. Everyone has now increased their intake of quality water


Recommended Reading: Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr Freydoon Batmanghelidgj, MD

Numerous Research Papers published since 1983! Practiced medicine in the UK under Sir Alexander Fleming, before returning to Iran – development of hospitals and medical centers. 33 years as a Doctor.

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Karen Ann Graham O'Neill
Karen Ann Graham O'Neill

I experienced being sluggish with no energy since I moved to Brockville 2 years ago. I did not know why, till I met Ursula. I have a Reverse Osmosis and a water softener in my home which was there when I moved here. I am on well water and the sodium is leaking into our well. The water from the well is good water except there is 127mg/l sodium which makes my body swell, as it is getting too much sodium. I found out the water from the RO is very acid and no minerals, so I stopped drinking it. My fridge also has a filter in it which the RO water goes through it but the alkaline is t…

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